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Over the past four years, HowRad (Howard Ouyang) has worked as a composer and a producer in various projects, ranging from short films and video games to my side indie rock/fusion and electronic music projects. The wide range of his music practice has influenced his composition and production style, which mixes elements from different styles, genres, or cultures to construct a distinctive musical language. He is proficient at various production styles and studio technologies to recreate, innovate certain kinds of sounds, and thus to optimize his production. Today, he has built up a diverse portfolio through producing/composing music of different genres, such as rock, hip-hop, experimental pop, orchestral, electronic, or a mixture of some/all of them.

He also believes music is not merely entertainment, but an art form that has the power to convey a concept/story/message that impacts and resonates with its listeners. The storytelling quality of his music drew him to the world of film and video game scoring. He is confident his music is, on its own, not only capable of telling a story as compelling as one captured on screen but also building a strong sense of identity.